[RC5] Time to Completion

Patrick rc5 at SmalNet.ch
Fri Apr 3 20:25:07 EST 1998

Pentium II - 375 (really a P II - 333 overclocked to 375 : 5x 75 MHz) cracks
around 1'056'000 keys/s.
don't expect much more from a 400.

since the speed here depends of the internal frequency of the proc. and not
on the bus frequency, and furthermore is linear with the proc speed (for the
same class of proc.) :

P II - 400 should crack 1'126'400 keys/s

P II - 350 should crack 985'600 keys/s


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From: Isaac <zarkon at concentric.net>

>I can't wait to see how these new Pentium II-400's and Mac G3's do on the
>project. :o)

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