[RC5] New 400 GUI client for Win95 doesn't keep autostart settings

Dan Sugalski sugalskd at osshe.edu
Fri Apr 3 09:06:57 EST 1998

Well, I upgraded the GUI client on my Win95 machine here, and came across a
little gotcha in the new version.

The client I was using (the last GUI release) was set to autostart. I
installed the new one and checked--it too was set to autostart. However,
after I rebooted, the client did *not* autostart. After firing it up
manually, I noticed that the "Automatically launch client as startup
service" box was checked with a grayed-out checkmark. I had to uncheck and
re-check the box to get a solid check in there.

Dunno if it'll autostart now, since it'll probably be a while before I
reboot, but I figured a warnng was in order--if it bit me, it likely is
going to bite someone else.


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