[RC5] Really useful feature request

Richard Ellis rellis at erols.com
Fri Apr 3 23:05:53 EST 1998

> But to move blocks in is a bit more complicated. One has to stop the
> client, move the buff-in.rc5 file to another directory, move the new
> buff.in.rc5 file into the client directory, and re-start the client.

Not so, or at least not so with the Linux-intel and Linux-alpha clients. 
Just move the old "buff-in.rc5" to a new name, move the new
buff-in.whatever file to "buff-in.rc5" and the next time the client looks
for another block to process, it finds a whole pile of new blocks to do.

Granted, there is a tiny race condition where the client may look for a
new block while the files are being swapped.  However, if done in a script
the swap will happen fast enough that it's a low probability of

In fact, I have a script running on the alpha box that watches for an
empty buff-in.rc5 file (the alpha client does not attempt to initiate a
fetch until it tries to retrieve a block from an empty file) and moves
another full buff-in file into place automatically.  It sleeps with a
period of a few minutes less than the time the alpha takes per block, so
the lost time to perform the check is negligible.

> So here comes idea #1:
> For clients running in offline mode, give the option to specify a local
> fetch directory. ...

An easy task at present assuming a proper OS that allows periodic
background script execution.

> And, as a logical spin-off from that idea, here comes idea #2:
> When the buff-out.rc5 file is full, do a local flush to a buff-out.rc5

Another job that can be performed at present with scripts and periodic
background execution.

> Now, if the developers wanted to be a bit more ambitious, and building
> on idea #2, here comes idea #3:
> Make an option to specify an e-mail address to which completed blocks
> can be sent. After performing a local flush, that file could then be
> sent as an attachment to an e-mail message and sent off for flushing.

Again, can be implemented right now with those scripts I keep mentioning.

Plus, all three ideas can be done without one change at all to the
existing client source code.

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