[RC5] Block sizes (nkeys)

Robert Morrison robert at ais.net
Sat Apr 4 11:36:57 EST 1998

Hello --

Why are the blocks run by my client varying in size ("size" referring
to number of keys)?

Here's a list of the last 5 blocks completed by my client:

[04/04/98 14:12:02 GMT] Completed block 66DD7A92:A0000000 (1073741824 keys)
[04/04/98 14:43:32 GMT] Completed block 66DD7A91:B0000000 (536870912 keys)
[04/04/98 15:15:05 GMT] Completed block 66DD7A75:A0000000 (536870912 keys)
[04/04/98 16:02:24 GMT] Completed block 66DD7A6C:10000000 (805306368 keys)
[04/04/98 16:18:10 GMT] Completed block 66DD7A6B:B0000000 (268435456 keys)

This shows 4 different block sizes.

The reason it matters is that I'm on a dialup connection and I don't
like to let my client go to running random blocks (since that causes
the keyrate to go down by 50%). So when I'm dialed out, I have to decide
whether I've got enough blocks for the next 24 hours; if not, I halt
the client, run -flush, run -fetch, and then re-start it. But if I don't 
have a consistent blocksize, I never know if I've got enough blocks for 
24 hours. For example, here are the times associated with the list of
blocks above:

                        01:03:05.17 - [283670.55 keys/sec]
                        00:31:31.91 - [283771.76 keys/sec]
                        00:31:32.15 - [283735.77 keys/sec]
                        00:47:19.90 - [283568.17 keys/sec]
                        00:15:48.04 - [283146.62 keys/sec]

So if I have 15 blocks left in my in-buffer, I don't know if I
have 15 hours (at 1 hr/block) or 3.75 hours (at .25 hr/block)
of rc5 "work" left in my in buffer.

My "preferred block size" is set to 30.

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