[RC5] Really useful feature request

Peter Hugosson-Miller hugge at netg.se
Sat Apr 4 11:56:25 EST 1998

On Fri, 03 Apr 98, Eric Gindrup wrote:

>Idea 1 can be handled using a checkpoint file. The format
>of a checkpoint file appears to be the same as that of a 
>buff-in. So, a workable procedure is:
>1) Stop the client.
>2) Rename the buff-in to the checkpoint file
>3) Move the newly imported buff-in in as the buff-in.
>The checkpoint file will be exhausted before the buff-in 
>file will be touched, this helps keep your average block 
>turnaround time down.

Hi Eric!

Of course there are many ways to "go round" the problem. My Ideas are a
way to minimize the work imnvolved. Any manual procedure involving
shutting down the client is goint to be a pain in the backside in the
long run, so I just want to make things as painless as possible. As it
works today, one can flush blocks from the firewall-handicapped client
without shutting down (or even pausing) either client. Wouldn't it be
nice if fetching worked in the same way? 

Today you can ask the home client to fetch buffers while it is running,
move that buff-in.rc5 file to another directory, and mail it to work.
But to use it at work you must either perform some procedure as you
suggested (stopping the client), or else check the active buff-in.rc5
file periodically until it becomes empty (size = 8 bytes), and then
replace it with the new buff-in.rc5 file that you mailed from home. OK,
so far, after 131 days, I'm still doing it, but I'm going to find it
hard to recruit any more people at work to join in when there's so much
manual intervention involved.

>If you're having trouble with buff-outs, then modify the 
>procedure as follows:
>1.1) move the buff-out to safety.

That's just it! I don't want troubles (or even the suggestion of them)
caused by a manual procedure. I have access to two powerful computers,
why not use a tiny iota of that power to do the dirty work?

>I've made batch files to do this for the pile of DOS 
>clients I have running.

And I'm sure they work fine. At work, I'm running the NT service client,
however, and at home, Oscar's fabulous OS/2 GUI client (yes, you've
guessed it, I'm a proud member of Team #112 - Team Warped). So I'd need
to maintain two scripts.

So, once again, please give us a local fetch/flush directory! Failing
that, a separate utility that could merge a buffer file into the
beginning of another, would just about suffice, but you'd need one for
each platform, and it's a task that the client ought to be able to do by

Heck, I'd do it myself, but I don't have the source code.

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller

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