[RC5] Really useful feature request

DG dgulyas at centuryinter.net
Fri Apr 3 22:24:29 EST 1998

>On Thu, 2 Apr 1998 James Mastros wrote:
>>On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Peter Hugosson-Miller wrote:
>>> So here comes idea #1:
>>> For clients running in offline mode, give the option to specify a
>>> fetch directory. Let the client check for the existence of a
>>> file in that directory each time the working buff-in.rc5 file is
>>> and if it exists, move it to the client directory, and start
>>> those blocks. Otherwise, start generating random blocks as before.
>>> Simple, easy to implement, and _very very_ useful.
>>Hmm... if you can do this, then why not just point the client to this
>>directory in the first place?
>Oh, no! Idea #1 was the important and _really_ useful one! I guess you
>would have to be sitting behind a firewall to really appreciate it. The
>other two ideas were logical spin-offs, just "would be nice" kind of


Currently have network of units running at 3000+KK/sec depending on work
load that has no net/e-mail access. When the buff-in.rc5 is exhausted it's
random block time. If I could do a -fetch or something similar to update the
buff-in.rc5 from a floppy or secondary buff-in location processing would
continue 24/7. As it is, buff-in.rc5 will be exhausted approx 12:00am EST
tonite(not gonna work that late) and run random until Monday when I return.
Yes a few blocks would remain in buff-in file as updates were completed but
sooner or later I would let the blocks be exhausted and then do a restart. A
firewall with e-mail would be a blessing to me. The sneaker-net is starting
to get old.

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