[RC5] It will not work [was : Linux ...]

Mark Huizer xaa at stack.nl
Sat Apr 4 10:08:51 EST 1998

> Why it cant do anything ?????? On other Linux Box (P133) it WORKS EVERY TIME
> EVEN NOW IS WORKING on screen without any nohup , /dev/null , & stuff. It just
> Pleeease help !!!! 
> Greets
> Tomek
> P.S : If someone wants to look what kind of system it is and why it is not
> working , i have an account that someone may check. For login , password and
> server name - contact me on private mail. 
Ever tried without the stuff and all, and read logfiles or whatever?
That might give nice errors? What version of rc5? (Or is the problem
already solved?)
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