[RC5] Paranoia

344344 at usa.net 344344 at usa.net
Sat Apr 4 18:24:06 EST 1998

Now that the list is temporaly unmoderated, I'll repost my message I tried posting twice before but the list moderator didn't let them through. Wonder if they just don't like paranoia, or they really have something to hide...
When Jo Hermans won the RC5-56, he said that Nugget announced it to him by phoning him in the middle of the night. I sure do wonder how did he know his phone number - d.net isn't asking them from the rest of the participants.
Furthermore, all of this anonimity thing about who won DES II - there is something weird about it too. First, on the IRC channel people are told that it's a P90 that has found the correct key. Later, they announce that the lucky CPU was an Alpha. Weird, huh?
I am not saying that d.net is deliberately trying to pull some schemes. But, what if there is a situation that a computer mistake has happened and d.net just doesn't know who found the correct key? The thing that the winner wants to remain anonymous is a perfect cover-up. But, on the other hand, am I paranoid or what?

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