[RC5] Re: WARNING: Nasty ISP move!

mitm at primenet.com mitm at primenet.com
Sat Apr 4 06:59:53 EST 1998

I was an isp for aprox 2 years. When we started this service we were the
5th in our state and the 3rd commercial provider, there were no others. We
were the first to offer unlimited service for a base price. Within 6
months this started to become the standard. After 2 years even aol
followed our lead. I would hate to think that all our hard work was for
nothing, not to mention all the cash it took. Unlimited service will not
die as long as theres a independant isp. What should concern all is the
gov will soon tax the net providers. This will double your internet bill.
If you dont believe me look at your monthly phone bill now. My phone is
$15 a month but after taxes and surcharges it jumps to $25. So a 19.95 a
month account will most certainly wind up near $35 a month with no
increased services as a benifit. The tax will start out as one small
federal tax, but then the city, state and countys will want thier cut and
we're off to the races.
Food for thought. 

> Consider this: that's almost as many hours as a full-time worker spends 
> on the job.  It's hardly unreasonable to make people who abuse the 
> service (i.e. camp online) pay more for the privilege -- any one spending 
> more than 20% of their time online should be looking at getting a 
> dedicated line, or a job that allows them to abuse their modem pool :)
> Russ Taylor (rtaylor at cmc.net)
> http://www.efn.org/~rtaylor
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