[RC5] Block sizes (nkeys)

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 4 17:41:43 EST 1998

At 11:36 AM 4/4/98 +0000, Robert Morrison wrote
| Hello --
| Why are the blocks run by my client varying in size ("size" referring
| to number of keys)?

When you have a "preferred" size of 30, the proxies will try to give
you 2^30 key blocks, but may, for whatever reason, give you smaller
blocks (3*2^28 blocks, 2^29 blocks, or 2^28 blocks).  That's why it's
a "preferred", not a "required" size.
| The reason it matters is that I'm on a dialup connection and I don't
| like to let my client go to running random blocks (since that causes
| the keyrate to go down by 50%). So when I'm dialed out, I have to
| whether I've got enough blocks for the next 24 hours; if not, I halt
| the client, run -flush, run -fetch, and then re-start it. But if I
| have a consistent blocksize, I never know if I've got enough blocks
| 24 hours. For example, here are the times associated with the list of
| blocks above:

Is it possible for you to increase your buffer size?  If you keep
75-100 blocks on hand at any one time, it won't matter what the
distribution of blocks you get is.

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