[RC5] New 400 GUI client for Win95 doesn't keep autostart settings

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Apr 5 10:53:47 EDT 1998

Karl G - NOC Admin wrote:

[... trim ...]

> if you feel REALLY lucky you can even try adding your own command line
> switches like -runoffline; since there isn't a value in the ini file for
> that switch.  ONLY, if you feel "worthy" tho.  you can seriously futz up
> windows with the registry editor... and there is no such thing as "undo"
> or "revert"  in regedit. :)

one can "emulate"  the "undo" or "revert" commands if they make it a
habit of doing an export first and then and import if things go wrong...
just make sure you have enough drivespace available... the exported
registry is a =huge= ASCII textfile... ;-)

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