[RC5] Block sizes (nkeys)

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Apr 5 23:31:38 EDT 1998

Phil Gregory wrote:
> > that was pretty easy to understand... can you also explain the
> > iterations stuff? i've not really looked for an answer but saw it in my
> > logs and was curious... seems that 4 iterations are run on each block,
> > or is that block pair? i say "block pair" cause i've also noticed that
> > my OS/2 client seems to take one block in one thread and a second block
> > in another thread...
> OK, the way I understand it is this:  the first thread grabs a block and
> gets it ready.  Then, the second thread starts up and starts cracking
> another block.  When the second thread finished its block, the first hands
> its block to the second, and, while the second thread merrily continues
> cracking, the first grabs another block and gets it ready.  And so on...

interesting... not something that i had considered... i understand the
sources for the core is available... i wonder if it would have a clue?

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