[RC5] New Participant - Introduction and Question

Tom Fleischman taf at j51.com
Tue Apr 7 22:40:29 EDT 1998

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Hello All -

Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Fleischman and I am a new participant
in the project. I am using Win32 GUI Client v2.7016.400. My system is a
486dx2-66. I have the client running on one computer in my home and hope to
have it up on another one tomorrow.

I do have some questions about email logging which I found unclear in the help
file that came with the client. I saw nothing about this in the FAQ's that I
have read.

I am unclear as to what email logging actually does, and how it should be

First - what is a proper message size? There seems to be no discussion of this
in any of the docs that I could find.

The Sending E-mail address comes set to "RC5notify". Does this need to be
changed? And if so, to what?

The Target E-mail Address field comes filled with "your_address at your.site". I
assume I am to put my own email address here?

I understand that I am to put my SMTP host in the appropriate field and that
the port should be left at 25.

TIA for any help anyone can lend...
Tom Fleischman
taf at j51.com
Encrypted email welcome
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