[RC5] Client rewriting old .ini settings

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Wed Apr 8 14:50:35 EDT 1998

Does the client periodically write to the .ini file?

I've got a .exe and .ini shared by 3 machines. One of them has recently been upgraded to a K6+OS/2, consequently i now need to buffer more blocks.

So i changed my .ini to read "threshold=70:70"(2^30), but everytime i check it is set back to 50:50.

Is this caused by one of the clients?
In particular, one machine is running the OS/2 CLI client build 400. This has been running for 492h43m31.62s, so it would have been started with the old 50:50 settings.

If this is caused by the client periodically recieving the 'contested ended' or 'new random keyspace' type messages, is it possible to have it only change the appropriate line, rather 
than rewrite the whole thing with what it thinks all the other settings should be?
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