[RC5] New Participant - Introduction and Question

Stephen Rasku stephen at tgivan.com
Wed Apr 8 10:02:27 EDT 1998

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> Hello All -
> Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Fleischman and I am a new participant
> in the project. I am using Win32 GUI Client v2.7016.400. My system is a
> 486dx2-66. I have the client running on one computer in my home and hope to
> have it up on another one tomorrow.
> I do have some questions about email logging which I found unclear in the help
> file that came with the client. I saw nothing about this in the FAQ's that I
> have read.
> I am unclear as to what email logging actually does, and how it should be
> configured.

Email logging will send the specified e-mail address the end portion of
your log whenever you do a fetch or flush.
> First - what is a proper message size? There seems to be no discussion of this
> in any of the docs that I could find.

It doesn't really matter what you set your message size to.  It has to
be greater than zero for it to work, though.  It will send the last <n>
bytes where <n> is the number of bytes you specified.  I have mine set
to 1024.

> The Sending E-mail address comes set to "RC5notify". Does this need to be
> changed? And if so, to what?

This is just the e-mail appears to be sent by.  You don't have to change this.

> The Target E-mail Address field comes filled with "your_address at your.site". I
> assume I am to put my own email address here?

Yes, that's right.

> I understand that I am to put my SMTP host in the appropriate field and that
> the port should be left at 25.

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