[RC5] New Participant - Introduction and Question

R. Kelley Cook kcook at ibm.net
Wed Apr 8 12:27:57 EDT 1998

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998 21:40:29 -0400, Tom Fleischman wrote:

>Hello All -
>I do have some questions about email logging which I found unclear in the help
>file that came with the client. I saw nothing about this in the FAQ's that I
>have read.
>I am unclear as to what email logging actually does, and how it should be

It emails the changes in the log file since the last time it was
emailed.  It is a purely optional feature.  I find that it is a nice
way to keep track of status of multiple machines.

E-mailing will only work if your are actually connected to the SMTP
server at the time.  Otherwise the log won't get sent.

>First - what is a proper message size? There seems to be no discussion of this
>in any of the docs that I could find.

5-10000 bytes seems to be a good figure.  The client will then email
you with a status report every few days or so.  It also will attempt to
email you every time the client is stop or started.  

>The Sending E-mail address comes set to "RC5notify". Does this need to be
>changed? And if so, to what?

To whatever you wish, It is just so that YOU can uniquely identify
which computer sent the log files to you ... I changed mine to the
actual computer names in the labs.

BTW, Although, it is benefical to have unique Sending From field
(smtpfrom=xxx at xxx.xxx in rc5*.ini), you nevertheless will want to keep
every one of your computer's *ID address* the same (id=xxx at xxx.xxx in
rc5*.ini), so that each of your computers work go into the same bin on
the RC5 stat server.

>The Target E-mail Address field comes filled with "your_address at your.site". I
>assume I am to put my own email address here?

yeppers, or else *you* won't get the e-mailed log files, which are
solely for your own benefit.

>I understand that I am to put my SMTP host in the appropriate field and that
>the port should be left at 25.


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