[RC5] New Participant - Introduction and Question

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Wed Apr 8 11:49:43 EDT 1998

Tom Fleischman wrote:
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> Hello All -
> Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Fleischman and I am a new participant
> in the project. I am using Win32 GUI Client v2.7016.400. My system is a
> 486dx2-66. I have the client running on one computer in my home and hope to
> have it up on another one tomorrow.
> I do have some questions about email logging which I found unclear in the help
> file that came with the client. I saw nothing about this in the FAQ's that I
> have read.
> I am unclear as to what email logging actually does, and how it should be
> configured.

email logging simply emails a copy of the client's log to the address
you configure... the address may be your own email address or it could
be a central address like a LAN admin address if the LAN admin wants to
see the logs... i believe most folks just set it to their own email

> First - what is a proper message size? There seems to be no discussion of this
> in any of the docs that I could find.

i've left my settings at the default 10000... since i have all my
clients set to the default 10 keys, i generally get logs emailed that
are 20 blocks in content... in other words... my clients will complete
two rounds of 10 blocks each before emailing me the logs...

> The Sending E-mail address comes set to "RC5notify". Does this need to be
> changed? And if so, to what?

you can change it... i have four machines here... i gave each one a
different name so that i could differentiate between them...

> The Target E-mail Address field comes filled with "your_address at your.site". I
> assume I am to put my own email address here?

yep... the logs are emailed to you...

> I understand that I am to put my SMTP host in the appropriate field and that
> the port should be left at 25.

yes... unless your SMTP server uses a different port... in most cases
(ie: ISPs), this is unlikely...

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