[RC5] problems?

Scott Mackowski svmackow at undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Apr 8 12:27:21 EDT 1998

Is there any way of recovering lost blocks -- or will the keyservers
just hand them out when they exhaust the rest of the list?  I ask this
because my machine just got powered off and I didn't have checkpointing
turned on.

Peter Hugosson-Miller wrote:
> Look for the lines in your ini-file that look something like this
> (please translate to *NIX format):
> checkpointfile=C:\Apps\Rc5desPM\ckpoint.rc5
> checkpointfile2=C:\Apps\Rc5desPM\ckpoint.des
> ...and make sure the path to the files you have specified really exists.
> I don't think this is a fatal error, just means that the client can't
> use checkpoint files, and you will lose two blocks if your machine
> crashes (unlikely under Linux, but not impossible).
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