[RC5] Client rewriting old .ini settings

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 8 08:43:17 EDT 1998

At 01:50 PM 4/8/98 +1200, Dan carter wrote
| Does the client periodically write to the .ini file?
| I've got a .exe and .ini shared by 3 machines. One of them has
recently been upgraded to a K6+OS/2, consequently i now need to
buffer more blocks.
| So i changed my .ini to read "threshold=70:70"(2^30), but everytime
i check it is set back to 50:50.

If your threshold was set to "70:70*(2^30", that's an invalid
setting, so it makes sense the client would overwrite it.  I believe
what you want it to say is "threshold=70:70" and

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