[RC5] New Participant - Introduction and Question

Alexander Skwar ASkwar at DigitalProjects.com
Wed Apr 8 22:23:51 EDT 1998

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Hello !


Well, I don't think that your message is that important that it needs
to be signed to be sure that this message is really from you.  So,
what's the use of signing such a message, could you please explain ?

>Hash: SHA1

And even if would want to check this message, I wouldn't be able to
since you use PGP 5.x which is incompatible to PGP 2.6.3.x due to its
new key format.  If you really wanted to make sure that this message is
from you, you should use a compatible key format, ie. RSA keys.

>Hello All -

But anyway, here are my answers, but beware, I didn't read the docs, so
I'm not sure.

>I am unclear as to what email logging actually does, and how it should be

>From what I guess, it sends the logs to a specified email address.

>First - what is a proper message size? There seems to be no discussion of this
>in any of the docs that I could find.

That depends on your provider.  Go and ask what the maximum message
size is you can retrieve and send.  After having done that, set it to
this value.

>The Sending E-mail address comes set to "RC5notify". Does this need to be
>changed? And if so, to what?

No it does not really have to be changed.  I suppose it is set to
RC5notify to make it easier to filter these messages out.  Set it to
whatever you want and configure your mail client accordingly.

>The Target E-mail Address field comes filled with "your_address at your.site". I
>assume I am to put my own email address here?

That wasn't that hard, now was it ? IOW: Yes, put your email address

>I understand that I am to put my SMTP host in the appropriate field and that
>the port should be left at 25.


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