[RC5] Client rewriting old .ini settings

Patrick rc5 at SmalNet.ch
Wed Apr 8 22:50:12 EDT 1998

is there a time limit where a block would be handed over again to an other
machine for processing ? a time out ?


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From: R. Kelley Cook <kcook at ibm.net>

>On Wed, 08 Apr 98 13:50:35 +1200, dan carter wrote:
>>So i changed my .ini to read "threshold=70:70"(2^30), but everytime i
>>it is set back to 50:50.
>>Is this caused by one of the clients?
>>In particular, one machine is running the OS/2 CLI client build 400.
>>This has been running for 492h43m31.62s, so it would have been started
>>with the old 50:50 settings.
>>If this is caused by the client periodically recieving the 'contested
>>or 'new random keyspace' type messages, is it possible to have it only
change the >appropriate line, rather than rewrite the whole thing with what
it thinks all
>>the other settings should be?
>A) Stop all of the clients before changing the .ini files
>B) There may be uniquely named .ini files for each version of the
>client.  For example, the OS/2 CLI client uses rc5des.ini, the GUI
>client uses RC5DESPM.INI.  It is possible to force all of them to share
>of course by specifying "rc5des -ini INIFILE.INI" where INIFILE.INI is
>the name of the .ini file you are using.  Personally, I would make a
>separate .ini file for each client  No reason to share them and they
>take less than 1K apiece.
>C) Why are you running at 70:70?  Why not 200:50 which would make a lot
>more sense for three machines, IMO.  That way in case you happen not to
>connect to the net for a period of time, your computers you minimize
>the risk the chance of running out of buffers to process, yet it still
>will update your stats in a timely manner.
> -- Kelley
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