[RC5] Client rewriting old .ini settings

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Wed Apr 8 13:33:29 EDT 1998

>So i changed my .ini to read "threshold=70:70"(2^30),
>but everytime i check it is set back to 50:50.

I noticed something similar on the Mac clients I use. I was using the
background-only version of the client and needed to change its settings, so I
additionally opened the front-end client. I changed the settings and quit, but
the changes never stuck. I found out that the clients write their settings to
the .ini file every time they quit, regardless of whether any changes have
been made to the settings. So the old settings were being restored as soon as
the machine was restarted -- when the background-only version quit. I had to
quit the background-only client before I could get the changes to stick.

So I would suggest that you quit all clients that use that .ini file, change
the settings, and reopen all the clients.
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