[CODERS] [Fwd: Mac client question]

John Bishop moonwick at gildea.net
Mon Apr 13 23:52:32 EDT 1998


I have forwarded your message to the coders list--- if one of them can come
up with a solution, I'm hoping they will notify you.  Unfortunately... I
have no experience with the mac.  :)

    - J. Bishop

team phule_rc5 effort wrote:

> Hi.
> I noticed that when the Mac PPC client is installed/run on a machine
> with a lot of fonts (200 or 300 or more) installed on it and no type
> managing software (for example, Adobe Type Manager), it can take as much
> as 50 seconds and as little as 30 seconds to start the client.  I don't
> have the ability to purchase/install a type manager on these machines,
> but I can run the client, I just don't want to have the machines appear
> to "hang" on startup because of the client.  Is there any way to code
> the client to ignore the fonts (or at least not to load them)?
> -rob bernhard, team leader,
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