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Andrew Meggs insect at antennahead.com
Tue Apr 14 10:32:44 EDT 1998

I believe this is a limitation of the terminal emulator used by the
official d.net Mac client to simulate the text display of the Unix clients.
Since there's no other good, free, and supported terminal package out
there, you might want to try the old GUI-based, non-terminal client at
<http://www.distributed-mac.net>. Note that this client only does RC5, so
you'd have to install a new client to particiapte in the second round of
DES when it occurs. Since there'll be faster DES client available by that
time, you'd probably want to install a new client anyway.

At 10:52 PM -0500 4/13/98, John Bishop wrote:
>I have forwarded your message to the coders list--- if one of them can come
>up with a solution, I'm hoping they will notify you.  Unfortunately... I
>have no experience with the mac.  :)
>    - J. Bishop
>team phule_rc5 effort wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I noticed that when the Mac PPC client is installed/run on a machine
>> with a lot of fonts (200 or 300 or more) installed on it and no type
>> managing software (for example, Adobe Type Manager), it can take as much
>> as 50 seconds and as little as 30 seconds to start the client.  I don't
>> have the ability to purchase/install a type manager on these machines,
>> but I can run the client, I just don't want to have the machines appear
>> to "hang" on startup because of the client.  Is there any way to code
>> the client to ignore the fonts (or at least not to load them)?
>> -rob bernhard, team leader,
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