[RC5] Cracking Share statistics

Thomas Grewe Thomas.Grewe at strz.uni-giessen.de
Wed Apr 15 00:01:20 EDT 1998


it seems to me, that there are some teams out there, which advocate
"their" OS or platform. On the main OS / platforms stats pages
seems to be also enough room for at least another column. (1)
Percentage of already checked blocks by the particular OS / platform
related to the sum of already checked blocks. I think, this shouldn't 
be too hard to implement, but would give rise for some more 
competition and fun.

Another step further (2) would be to have these kind of stats also 
for the last day.
The columns than could be:
OS or Processor Type; Total Blocks; share; Blocks yesterday, share

Derived from this, there could be step (3): Share/Blocks of 
a Platform/OS over time. Who is recruiting most efficient ?

What do you think of it ?



Thomas Grewe
email: Thomas.Grewe at strz.uni-giessen.de
WWW:  http://www.uni-giessen.de/~gl23/
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