[RC5] Direction and rate of change statistic?

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 16 04:09:53 EDT 1998

At 07:50 PM 4/15/98 -0500, Jim C. Nasby wrote
| Yes, there is a way, but until we get a better stats box (
| http://www.distributed.net/donations#Hardware ), we can't really
add much
| else to stats :(

Since it hasn't been brought up in awhile, it may be worth mentioning
(again) that you can help raise money for new equipment by signing up
and visiting eyegive <http://www.eyegive.com>.  If you're willing to
look at ads a couple times a day, you can raise ~$0.50/day for d.net.
 At last count, we've raised over $5200 this way.

You can sign up by following this link

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