[RC5] Big Stats Problem

Norbert Scheibner norbert.scheibner at wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Apr 16 11:14:29 EDT 1998

I recognized a problem in reporting completed blocks to the keyserver.
For instance, You completed 200 blocks 2^28, then you backup the
buff-out.rc5 file and report it you 'll see in the stats only 50.
If You report the backuped blocks again and again, then you see
somtimes 30 additional reported blocks the next day 25.
How can it be ?!

Do I have to report the blocks as long as in my opinion all 200 blocks
reported and recognized by stats - I think not !!!

This problem appears not only on my emailadress, there are more people

told me the same.

Awaiting your reply
	Norbert Scheibner

		Saxony Greets The World
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