[RC5] Dupes

Dominique Bugmann Bluumi at netwings.ch
Fri Apr 17 02:21:24 EDT 1998

i think there is a little reason, why old clients make may dupes too.
(M)any old Clients run in un-administrativ locations, where the real
user of the Pc not know what an his Pc really run. This User don't
upgrade the client, this User goes not often and flush/fetch, they make
offline-random-blocks most the time.

Last week i have see that one PC that i have "infected" [sorry for that
word ;-)] still make 400 DES-Blocks. But i don't know witch Pc that was.

In the same way, i think there are (m)any Computers with Old Clients
that connect not many times and this make dupes. This dupes are "better"
that this Computers never make Blocks for us.

>And 95% of 'em are done w/o the knowledge of the people doing them, >it's because they're running old clients or old proxies...etc. 

Now, you have say that i can notified that i make duplicate Blocks...
Where did i see that? If i flush my blocks, i don't see. If i see thera
are not all blocks in the Stats i don't know where i lose it. Where can
i see that i lose blocks because there are duplicate?

> Old clients account for 39% of all blocks submitted.  With the dupes,
> that's 43%.  The chance that any old client is doing a duplicate block is
> 22%.
> Conversely:
> New Clients account for 61% of all blocks submitted.  With dupes it is
> 57%.  The chance a new client is doing a dupe block is 9%.

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