[RC5] Dupes

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Fri Apr 17 00:03:23 EDT 1998

>(M)any old Clients run in un-administrativ locations, where the real
>user of the Pc not know what an his Pc really run. This User don't
>upgrade the client, this User goes not often and flush/fetch, they make
>offline-random-blocks most the time.

>>And 95% of 'em are done w/o the knowledge of the people doing them,

>Now, you have say that i can notified that i make duplicate Blocks...
>Where did i see that? If i flush my blocks, i don't see. If i see thera
>are not all blocks in the Stats i don't know where i lose it. Where can
>i see that i lose blocks because there are duplicate?

Dominique has a point here. We don't know if we're submitting duplicate
blocks, and some of us might want to know. As an idea for when d.net gets its
check from RSA and gets better computers: is it possible to optionally send
e-mail to participants on a weekly (or whatever) basis informing them of how
many blocks they submitted and how many and what percentage were duplicates.
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