[RC5] Win95 client and dos boxes

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Thu Apr 16 23:04:10 EDT 1998

> Just a quick note for anyone who may have really sluggish rates on their
> win95 clients. Any dos program running in the background without
> "Background - always suspend" checked will *really* hurt the client.
> ie: about a 90% reduction.
> This is with niceness=0.
> To programmers: Is there any way this could be fixed - that even an idle
> dos session can smother the client?  Or is this just a fact of life with
> a nice setting?

Dos apps will suck CPU from any other windows app, even when in the 
background as you describe.  The d.net client is no exception.  How 
does niceness=1 perform?

-- Tim
Tim Charron
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