[RC5] Q: Block transfers at a scheduled time?

Ryan Anderson ryan at michonline.com
Fri Apr 17 02:34:16 EDT 1998

> Is there a chance ever of having the clients dump blocks at a scheduled time
> of day or evening?  It'd be nice if the clients I have running at one of our
> non-wired buildings _didn't_ decide to dial up in the middle of the day when
> employees are running around.
> I have a Linux box CRON'd for it, that's no problem, but these are Macs and
> Windows boxes.

For Windows, look into running a batch file, and using the -until switch.
That should solve your problem tehre.  Just make sure you get enough
blocks to fill the buffers..  Use a -runoffline as well to stop them from
talking at other times..

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