[RC5] Time to completion

Martin Hecko martineno at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 17 12:24:42 EDT 1998


>1. Rate grows at 10775 blocks per day.
>   Keyspace complete in 8.7 years.
>2. Rate grows at 23342 blocks per day.
>   Keyspace complete in 6.1 years.
>3. Rate doubles every 247 days.
>   Keyspace complete in 3.7 years.
>4. Rate doubles every 128 days.
>   Keyspace complete in 2.2 years.
>1% complete by end of May (somewhere around May 19 to May 23)
>Bruce Ford

I have to say that I like this postings of time to complete the RC5-64 
contest. I have a suggestion though. How about if you included how much 
have your predictions changed from the last post. I think it would give 
us a good idea how much we are gaining in momentum...

(the sunny side of life)

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