[RC5] Direction and rate of change statistic?

Jim C. Nasby nasby at enteract.com
Fri Apr 17 02:43:04 EDT 1998

Here we go again...

Paul Kenyon wrote:

> In stead of getting a new box, I think you should focus on improving your
> current setup.  You're running NT, MSIE, and SQL Server.  Thats your
> problem.  Thats gotta be the biggest waste of a computer that exists!  If
> you ran Linux and Apache with a better db backend, your machine would go
> twice as fast.

How can you state this? Do you even know the size of our database? How it's
structured? How much of the CPU is being used for the database engine vs the
web server? BTW, what's MSIE got to do with anything; it's a browser.

> Infinite Monkeys competed against you back in the RC5-56 contest.  They
> had ony 1/10th the clients, but they updated stats every 15 minutes!  Mot
> to mention, their datasets were much more robust than what is shown on
> your stats server.  (Do you have a lot more data, but now show it?)  I
> truely wish you would look into an alternative platform for your stats
> system.  Of course, that dosen't mean you should look for better hardware,
> I'm just saying, make the best of what you have.

If we had 1/10th the clients, the stats would run 10 times faster or more.
Each email creates a record for each day. If we say that on average there have
been 20,000 emails (there are currently 40,000+ in the database), and we've
been running for 175 days or so, that's 3.5 MILLION records. JUST for the
email table. This doesn't include data for the teams table, or any of the
tables that are calculated from this info during the update.

> Some good SQL Servers for Linux are:
> PostgreSQL
> GNU SQL (Still rough, though.)
> I would be happy to help out in any way, if you would make the transition.

Woa, a volunteer! :) It's refreshing to see someone complain about the stats
system who's actually willing to help ;)

BTW, I hope that this doesn't sound like an attack on you or your ideas, but
if we had $1 for everytime someone had blindly said 'you guys are dumb for
using MS products to run stats', we'd have a new stats box right now (well,
maybe not, but you get the idea). I don't care what you do to a Yugo, you're
not going to be able to turn it into a Ferrari. Our current database is over
400 megs. The hardware is simply not adequate, whether it's running Linux,
FreeBSD, NT, OS/2, or whatever else. There may be another solution that is
somewhat faster or more efficient, but on this hardware, it simply doesn't
matter. As well, as much as everyone touts how superior 'their' ideal solution
to the stats software is, I have yet to see ANY numbers, be they memory
footprint, transactions/sec, or what have you. Also, we don't have unlimited
resources; other things have taken priority over reworking (again) our stats

We are currently evaluating another solution though, one that will run under
*nix. *IF* it get's implimented before we get new stats hardware, I guess
we'll see just how big a difference it makes...


> Paul Kenyon
> pkenyon at loctech.com
> You wrote:
> Yes, there is a way, but until we get a better stats box (
> http://www.distributed.net/donations#Hardware ), we can't really add much
> else to stats :(
> Moo!
> dB!
> George D. Nincehelser wrote:
> > Maybe this has already been suggested, but...
> >
> > Would there any way to indicate the general direction and rate of change
> > a person/team has?  Sort of like what is done with stocks.
> >
> > It would be interesting to easily see who is on the rise, who is holding
> > steady, and who is on the decline.

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