[RC5] Dupes

Kaupp, Dave dave.kaupp at cubic.com
Fri Apr 17 14:04:29 EDT 1998

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> From:	Peter A. DeNitto [SMTP:denitto at llamas.net]
> Subject:	Re: [RC5] Dupes
> On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> > >Now, you have say that i can notified that i make duplicate
> Blocks...
> > >Where did i see that? If i flush my blocks, i don't see. If i see
> thera
> > >are not all blocks in the Stats i don't know where i lose it. Where
> can
> > >i see that i lose blocks because there are duplicate?
> > 
> > Dominique has a point here. We don't know if we're submitting
> duplicate
> > blocks, and some of us might want to know. As an idea for when d.net
> gets its
> > check from RSA and gets better computers: is it possible to
> optionally send
> > e-mail to participants on a weekly (or whatever) basis informing
> them of how
> > many blocks they submitted and how many and what percentage were
> duplicates.
> > Hmm?
> With the distributed key distribution system, and a centralized key
> tracker, there is no way to notify end clients in a timely manner
> whether
> the block they just completed is a duplicate.  This can be done by
> keeping
> a local image of the block database on every full proxy.  Each image
> is
> 64mb, and 4 subspaces are open at any time, and each subspace needs 2
> images.  So first would be the problem of moving the database out.
> Second
> would be Storage of those subspaces on the proxies (512MB). Third
> would be
> an efficient way to update them (not too tough though).  
> As a full proxy runner myself, I don't have the funds to purchase
> another
> hard drive to do this, and this would also tax the system resources to
> where you'd be lucky the system had time to hand a key out to you.  
> Emailing dupers is nice, however, I'm sure people didn't sign up to
> receive weekly mail from d.net.  Also, the dupe logs are immense (57MB
> for
> the dupe log from April 13th) and require too much resources to do
> something like that regularly.
	How about a line in the stats page (if the stats are tossing out
dupes),  XXX blocks completed yesterday (.............)    XX duplicate
blocks that didnt count.

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