[RC5] Q: Block transfers at a scheduled time?

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 18 02:15:11 EDT 1998

Gordon Grieder wrote:
>> Is there a chance ever of having the clients dump blocks at a scheduled
>> of day or evening?  It'd be nice if the clients I have running at one of
>> non-wired buildings _didn't_ decide to dial up in the middle of the day
>> employees are running around.
>> I have a Linux box CRON'd for it, that's no problem, but these are Macs and
>> Windows boxes.

Jim Nasby wrote:
>If you set the clients up for lurkonly, they won't dial by themselves,
>only fetch/flush when they detect a dialup connection.

I have yet to figure out how to get the Mac clients to do this. But my friend
Rob Pluta came up with the correct interrim solution, which is to write an
AppleScript which fetches and then flushes. You set FreePPP to open this
AppleScript when it connects. Then you just set your buffers a bit larger, so
they never run out. Easy!

Ed Winsell III wrote:
>The Mac client has the same time feature, but I've never done batch routines
>a Mac. Can Macs to batches?

No built-in batch utility on Macs. You can get a macro utility like
AppleScript or Frontier or KeyQuencer or QuicKeys.

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