[RC5] Time-out ... sorry just find it

David Taylor David_Taylor at msn.com
Sat Apr 18 15:55:49 EDT 1998

> But now, I can ask a global question:
> Do you think that it's a good solution ? Imagine that the winning key is
> a key lost by a "trying_just_for_fun" people in the begining of the
> challenge! Imagine that the winning key is lost again in the
> second attempt
> ... or more ...

Firstly, with RC5-64 the blocks are reissued after each 2^56 key subspace,
which is currently around about every 6 weeks I think, so if the key is at
the start of a subspace, but someone misses it, after around 6 weeks, that
subspace is recycled, and the block is handed out again, and even if the
person who gets the key that time misses it again, the subspace would be
much shorter as it would already have been checked.. so it wouldn't be too
long, and as this isn't a time limited contest like DES, a delay of around
2 months wouldn't be good, but it wouldn't be too bad either.

> What's happening if a people run the client to get keys, just delete
> buffer.in whitout cracking them, re-run the client to get keys, etc.. etc
> ... ????

Well, They get a lock of blocks issued to them, which are then all reissued
at the end of the subspace they got the blocks from and someone else will
them to crack..

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