[RC5] Dupes [out of Control?]

Dominique Bugmann Bluumi at netwings.ch
Sat Apr 18 21:19:39 EDT 1998

Hi Pete,

How can i now check my Dupes?
If i'm not one of the Top-10 duper, there is no way to see if i dupe?
And, how did you make this dupers-stats? Did you all full manually? 
I hope there is any way, to lower (my?) dupe sending.
cya Bluumi

> > >Now, you have say that i can notified that i make duplicate Blocks...
> > >Where did i see that? If i flush my blocks, i don't see. If i see 
> > Dominique has a point here. We don't know if we're submitting duplicate
> > blocks, and some of us might want to know. As an idea for when d.net gets its
> > check from RSA and gets better computers: is it possible to optionally send
> > e-mail to participants on a weekly (or whatever) basis informing them of how
> > many blocks they submitted and how many and what percentage were duplicates.
> > Hmm?

>As a full proxy runner myself, I don't have the funds to purchase another
>hard drive to do this, and this would also tax the system resources to
>where you'd be lucky the system had time to hand a key out to you.  
>Emailing dupers is nice, however, I'm sure people didn't sign up to
>receive weekly mail from d.net.  Also, the dupe logs are immense (57MB for
>the dupe log from April 13th) and require too much resources to do
>something like that regularly.

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