[RC5] avoiding dupe questions...

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Sun Apr 19 18:34:29 EDT 1998

'Karl G - NOC Admin' said previously:

| i guess my real question is, does
| the server recycle previously allocated blocks after an amount of time
| possibly causing dups?

This question has been asked (and answered) several times lately on
this list.  This is addressed in the FAQ (and it should probably have a
different "Q" associated with it since even I had to work to find it,
and I already knew it was there...):

    What if my computer starts checking a block and I have to reboot?
    Won't that block be lost?

    In order to accommodate slower clients and to minimize duplication
    of work there is no recycle period after which a keyblock is
    reassigned. If we reach the end of the keyspace without finding the
    winning key, we will start back at the beginning and assign the
    unreturned blocks.

    ( http://www.distributed.net/FAQ/rc5faq.html#TD0030 )

Unless we are closing out a 56-bit keyspace (which is where reassigning
starts occur in RC5-64), it is unlikely that any blocks that you have
are dupes.  I think someone else pointed out that each 56-bit keyspace
takes around 6 weeks with our current keyrate.  I haven't verified this



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