[RC5] Re: [ANNOUNCE] Email buffer flushing and fetching now available

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon Apr 20 00:29:04 EDT 1998

'Tim Charron' said previously:

| > Also, is there a way to surpress the recept mailback?  You would certianly
| > want that if doing the above.  (Fornatly, I'm not firewalled, so it isn't 
| > a problem for me.)
| I'm not sure why being firewalled means you'd want to suppress the 
| receipt.  In any event, it's possible to turn off the receipt 
| acknowledgement when flushing.  Add "receipt=no" to your message.

I think he meant you'd want to suppress the receipt if you were auto
flushing, since that could generate alot of email.  Then, as a side
note I think he was pointing out that since he's not firewalled, none
of this really applies to him, since the whole fetch/flush by email
setup is for firewalled people who currently are forced to sneakernet.




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