[RC5] Client not using all available idle cycles

R. Kelley Cook kcook at ibm.net
Mon Apr 20 14:13:41 EDT 1998

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998 21:13:45 EDT, JDBarnette wrote:

>This one has me puzzled.  I have a P233MMX notebook computer running the
>latest Win95 GUI client.  At niceness levels 0 and 1, WinTop shows
>approximately 11% of my cycles going to the IDLE process.  Only at niceness
>level 2 does the IDLE level get down to less than 0.5%.
>I've been running various Bovine clients since Jun '97 and haven't seen this
>on any of my other boxes.  Any ideas?

This is really quite simple.  It is a reporting error.

You shouldn't run Wintop (nor any other CPU monitor) at the same time
as the Bovine client since Wintop is now in direct competition with it
for your IDLE cycles which it is attempting to count.  The only way
Wintop can count the idle cycles is to actually run at IDLE priority,
so when WinTOP is running there are NO Idle cycles -- any that are
reported are really going to WinTop.  

Wintop just attempts to tell you how many there would be if it was not
running.  Unfortunately, it also is unable to count them accurately if
there are any other idle processes running (ie Bovine).

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