[RC5] Client not using all available idle cycles

mkw mkw at att.net
Mon Apr 20 19:07:19 EDT 1998

R. Kelley Cook wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Apr 1998 21:13:45 EDT, JDBarnette wrote:
> >This one has me puzzled.  I have a P233MMX notebook computer running the
> >latest Win95 GUI client.  At niceness levels 0 and 1, WinTop shows
> >approximately 11% of my cycles going to the IDLE process.  Only at niceness
> >level 2 does the IDLE level get down to less than 0.5%.
> >
> This is really quite simple.  It is a reporting error.
> You shouldn't run Wintop (nor any other CPU monitor) at the same time
> as the Bovine client since Wintop is now in direct competition with it
> for your IDLE cycles which it is attempting to count.  The only way
> Wintop can count the idle cycles is to actually run at IDLE priority,
> so when WinTOP is running there are NO Idle cycles -- any that are
> reported are really going to WinTop.
> Wintop just attempts to tell you how many there would be if it was not
> running.  Unfortunately, it also is unable to count them accurately if
> there are any other idle processes running (ie Bovine).
Task manager seems to have no trouble reporting correctly - at least not in

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