[RC5] How to start/stop the client under Linux

Alexander Skwar ASkwar at DigitalProjects.com
Tue Apr 21 00:07:38 EDT 1998

Hello !
How do I start the rc5 client under Linux ?  I want to start Linux
whenever I boot, and I would like to shut it down, when I reboot/halt
I suppose, I'm to use the init scripts for my default runlevel (2).  In
the FAQ's I found that I should start with "./rc5des > /dev/null &",
which works just fine.
But how do I stop the client ?  Creating an exitnow.rc5 file works, but
is to slow.  Is it safe to kill the client with "kill PID", or will the
processed blocks be lost by doing so ?
Maybe someone has a working script, which he could kindly post.
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