[RC5] Question about RC5 Linux

Mike Urban murban at wi-net.com
Wed Apr 22 13:29:34 EDT 1998


I have a question about RC 5. Here is the entry in my log from when I
first started RC 5:

Received notification: DES CONTEST IS OVER

[04/22/98 02:26:30 GMT] The proxy says: "Have a Key, Leave a Key, Need a

Key, Take a Key (Hadley)"
[04/22/98 02:26:44 GMT] Retrieved 25 RC5 block(s) from server
[04/22/98 02:26:44 GMT] RC5 3*2^28 Block: 6876391A:D0000000 ready to
[04/22/98 02:26:44 GMT] 24 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[04/22/98 02:26:44 GMT] 0 Blocks are in file buff-out.rc5
Child thread # 1 has been started.
[04/22/98 02:26:45 GMT] RC5 1*2^30 Block: 6876391A:90000000 ready to
[04/22/98 02:26:45 GMT] 23 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[04/22/98 02:26:45 GMT] 0 Blocks are in file buff-out.rc5

Why does the first part say "RC5 #*2^28"? I thought all the RC5 blocks
were 3*2^30?

Also, what is the "Child thread #1"? Is it working on two blocks at the
same time? It seems that way because it says "24 blocks remain" and then

"23 blocks remain".



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