[RC5] Can't stop Build 402 x86 NT service

Ryan Curtis orion at cnw.com
Wed Apr 22 16:35:20 EDT 1998

I'm running NT4.0 (SP3) with the new v2.7019.402 service client.  Unlike
previous versions of the client, which I could stop without any
difficulty, I can't stop this service.  I've tried both the Services
applet in Control Panel (where the Stop button is greyed out) and the
"net stop bovrc5nt" command on the command line, which gives me "The
requested pause or stop is not valid for this service."

I can, of course, always use the exit file, but is there any way to stop
the client service now other than the exit file?  Why has this behaviour

Ryan Curtis
orion at cnw.com

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