[RC5] Problems with RC5 via HTTP proxy

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 15:31:37 EDT 1998

I'm running rc5 just fine, if a little slowly to start with, on my home
systems.  But here's a problem I mailed to rc5help earlier this week,
which I haven't yet had a reply to.  Can anyone on the list maybe help ?

I work in a large multi-site computer firm, and I've interested a number
of colleagues around the internal networks in joining in the
distributed.net RC5 project.  Unfortunately we live behind a fiendish
firewall, and have had no luck in getting either clients or a personal
proxy to contact any key servers.  We do have Web proxying via a
cascading sequence of caching proxies (not sure which, though I believe
both Microsoft and Apache are involved to name but two), but the clients
don't seem able to communicate via the proxy.  On my own site, for
instance, I've tried these ini settings:


(Our HTTP proxy is of course on

and also 


and also

uuehttpmode=2 or 3

We don't have socks, and in a company of this size there is *zero*
chance of getting personal exceptions made in the firewalling policy
without a business case, risk analysis, blank signed cheque and the
blood of several goats.  Please can someone suggest a way that we can
join in, without individually having to sneakernet keys from outside the
firewall, with the attendant scalability problems, effort and risks of
key loss ?  Is there a way to check from the outside whether our
requests are getting there, for instance ?

Oh, nearly forgot - I'm using the NT CLI client v.2.7019.


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