[RC5] Can someone explain the graph pattern?

Tony Li tli at juniper.net
Sat Apr 25 13:13:38 EDT 1998

> Well, you're close... :) The peaks actually occur on Monday, not Sunday, and
> they do represent Monday data
> (there's no real lag). Although we're not 100% certain, our guess is that
> this is due to machines at people's businesses that crack over the weekend
> but have no network connection durring that time.
> What I find more interesting is the almost exact linear growth we've had for
> the past several weeks... if you only look at the Monday data anyway... :)

You might find this tidbit interesting: Internet backbone providers
frequently see the same pattern with routes in the backbone routing
tables.  The Monday morning phenomenon is perhaps a result of folks getting
recharged over the weekend, deciding to embark on some new project on
Monday, and then finding something broken and having to go fix it.

It would not surprise me that the Monday phenomenon for RC5 were something
similar: folks fire up their clients on the weekend, they deliver a few
blocks and then something breaks.  The next weekend, someone reboots...


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