[RC5] Rack stuffed full of motherboards ?

Sanford Olson sanford at msn.fullfeed.com
Sat Apr 25 20:13:32 EDT 1998

Another idea as far as power supplies, network cards, etc goes is to find
all those 286 and 386 PC's that most companies have sitting in the basement
(you could go door to door :)), gut them, and use power supplies, diskette
drives and video cards from them in your rack.  Power supplies from clone
286's will work fine with Pentium-class Baby-AT motherboards.  Instead of
boot ROMS on the network cards, you could use boot diskettes.  Also,
there's probably plenty of old coax Ethernet network cards around as well
(I know have 8 or so laying in a box somewhere).

- Sanford

At 08:15 AM 4/25/1998 , you wrote:
>I have a strange idea (I won't be the first) to get a 6 foot rack and
>stuff if full with something like:
>1 large PSU.
>2 fans.
>As many as possible units comprising:
>    Motherboard
>    CPU +fan
>    Small amount of RAM.
>    Network card ?
>    Video card ?
>There'll have to be a balance between performance and price of course.
>I don't know how many I will be able to cram in until I get my hands on
>the rack, but obviously 30 x 286's wouldn't be worth it, on the other
>hand I'm not going to fork out for 30 P-II-333's.  It'll have to be
>somewhere in the middle, maybe P75/586/low-end-686's or something.
>Why would I do this ?  To run a new bloated office package at a
>reasonable speed ?  Er, NO;  rc5des of course, what else ?!    And for
>My preferred o/s is Linux but I might consider DOS.
>I'm not a hardware expert, so to you who are :
>1.  Is this I silly idea (er, no please don't answer that)
>2.  Is using 1 big PSU viable ?  Any complications ?
>3.  Do all motherboards need a video card to boot up ?
>It'd be nice not to have network cards (and video cards) in order to
>cram more units in but I'm guessing that I'll definately need network
>cards with boot PROMs to avoid hard drives, right ?
>Any show-stoppers I've overlooked ?
>I'm sure some of you must have thought about something similar and I'd
>really appreciate your views.
>I appologise if this is considered more hardware related than
>'distributed' but I thought there might be people here interested.
>Perhaps it might be more appropriate if people responded by email to me,
>rather than the list ?
>Perhaps the moderator would like to append a comment regarding that ?
>Many thanks.
>- Nick.

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