[RC5] Communal offline NT services

Derek Brost brostd at enad302-095.cc.purdue.edu
Mon Apr 27 14:44:45 EDT 1998

I'm trying to get multiple NT3.51 machines on a LAN to run the
service client in offline mode and to use a common buffer on
another machine which will do the flushing/fetching across
the WAN. The way I attempted to go about this was as such:

First, I got the service running on my WAN-able machine. It
uses 500 in and 1000 out buffers, and holds the buffer files
in a shared directory which has Full Control permissions for
Everyone on the network. I've tested the permissions by writing
and editing dummy files in the directory and using the share
name to make sure it's ok across the LAN.

Next, I installed the service client on all the machines and
ran them for about a week to make sure they were solid. I ran
them with their own local, individual buffer files. This 
went fine.

Next, on all the machines I edited the registry value ImagePath
under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/bovrc5nt
to read "C:\temp\rc5\rc5des.exe -offline". I then changed the
ini files that were local to each machine and added 

Now the problem is is that when I start the service, it runs in
the offline mode properly, but it reports that there are 0 buffers
in the file \\mymachine-ws\rc5share\buff-in.rc5 and same for the
output buffer. It proceeds to generate random blocks. When I stop
the client it doesn't write any buffers and reports buffer file

Originally I thought I was doing something wrong in regards to
the share directory or permissions or something like that. But since
then I've tested the share extensively and made sure that it is
sound. Other programs (like a hex-editor, copying, etc.) can access
the buffers just fine across the LAN.

Is there something I'm missing? How can I set this up to work
the way I want it? All the machines have WAN access, but I only
want one of them to use it, and thus want to use the LAN to get
the buffers to a common point.

Thanks for your help and advice,
= Derek Brost
= dbrost at purdue.edu

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