[RC5] Running on OS/2 without TCP/IP ?

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 30 22:22:17 EDT 1998

After the list came up trumps with my last problem, here's another one :-)

Several of the machines here are running OS/2 without TCP/IP installed -
for historical reasons (i.e. the existence of tens of thousands of
systems out in the field) we use v2.11 or early v3 red-spine with FTP
Systems' PC/TCP, which is (apparently) compatible with early IBM TCP/IP
for OS/2 but not compatible with the later TCP32 used in Warp.

I can share filesystems using PC/TCP's own version of NFS, so I was
hoping I could run offline and have a separate machine to update the
buffers.  However, I've found the OS/2 native RC5 client won't even run
offline, because it complains it cannot find tcp32dll.

Before I fall back to running the DOS client in a DOS box - which works
but which can't hook idle time - has anyone here convinced the OS/2
client not to look for this DLL ?  It might be as simple as making it
load-on-use rather than load-on-entry, if that's possible, but I have to
admit that hacking OS/2 .exe resources is not my forte.

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