[RC5] Rack stuffed full of motherboards (follow-up)

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Thu Apr 30 06:08:14 EDT 1998

| Convince a few friends to try to boot their machines without video cards
| and send us the results (to influence our chosen purchase of m/b+BIOS).

Alot of BIOSes have an option for Display Adapter Type.  I believe AMI
BIOS has a "Not Installed" display type, ditto for keyboard, for just 
this purpose.  (At least, the 486-era AMI BIOS did.  I'm assuming later
BIOSes kept this feature, for server cluster applications.)

Alternately, many BIOSes that I've seen have a "Halt on error" type of
setting (eg. halt if it can't find floppy/keyboard/display/whatever)
which you could set to "No."  In some cases you may have both sets.
Gotta love standardization!  :-)

In any case, you might need to manually set up each motherboard's BIOS
with the aid of a keyboard and gfx card once.  (At least we've
progressed being the point of the the "Color" vs. "Mono" jumper on the
motherboard, in most cases. :-)



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